Social Services

Social Services
AICRC offers counseling services, case management, and cultural therapy services to children, families and groups. Our staff of Native and non-Native social workers is culturally competent and includes licensed clinicians and other trained professionals, as well as professional interns from local universities.

AICRC’s counseling program uses a holistic approach to treating children and families. Counselors are well trained in specific areas affecting the Indian community. Counseling services may be offered in-home, in-office or at alternative sites. Dyadic parent-child therapy is also offered to teach positive parenting skills and strengthen the parent-child bond. In order to provide responsive services to our other program areas; Indian Education Center and Living By Sacred Colors, we specialize in cultural healing and therapeutic modalities for adolescents

Case Management
These services include information and referrals, home visiting, supervised visitation and coordination of other services including housing, empolyment, medical care, tribal enrollment and more.

Victim of Crime Assistance (VOCA)
Specialized services are offered to children who are victims of abuse and neglect, have been witnesses to domestic violence and or have been victims of community violence and/or bullying. These services include psychotherapy, cultural therapy and case management. Referrals are made to local Victims and Witness programs.

For more information about any of these services contact Beverly Shalom.

(510) 208-1870 x 303 or

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