Meet the Staff

 Youth Services

Corrina Gould, Title Vll Coordinator  (510) 208-1870 x 319

Corrina Website pic

Corrina is a  Chochenyo and Kerkin Ohlone  woman born and and raised in Oakland, CA, Corrina  is the mother of three children and currently works as the Title VII Coordinator.   Corrina    assists in directing an after school program that includes wrap around services for Native students including academic advocacy, transricpt evaluations,  negotiating special needs accommodations with schools.

Corrina is  also the Co-Founder and a Lead Organizer for Indian People Organizing for Change(IPOC), a small Native run organization that works on Indigenous people issues as well as sponsoring an annual Shellmound Peace Walk to bring about education and awareness of the desecration of the sacred sites in the greater Bay Area, 2005-2009.   IPOC has led many actions including the 2011 occupation  of  Segorea Te   in Vallejo, California which was successful in preserving the sacred site.

Corrina also sits on the California Indigenous Environmental Association Board , the Board of Directors for the Oakland Street Academy Foundation and is the treasurer for the Edes HOA.   She is an avid Raiders Fan.

Erick Aleman, After School Coordinator (510) 208-1870 x 312

Geraldine Martinez, Program Assistant (510) 208-1870 x 310

Emma Gomez, MSW, Youth Advocate/Educator  (510) 208-1870 x 320

Emma is Mexican American and currently works within the Preparing Oakland Native Youth (PONY) and Social Services departments at the AICRC.  Emma has over eight years of advocacy, case management, clinical, and education experience working with Native American youth and their families. Her work with the PONY program has provided her the opportunity to build strong relationships with Native American young adults and knowledge about the challenges they face. Emma has social work skills and has experience providing, trauma-informed and empowerment based services to Native youth and their families.  Her past work at AICRC has included providing case management to youth, managing the youth internship program, facilitating cultural arts and traditional foods courses, and developing and implementing curriculum on traditional tobacco.

Ines Gardilcic, Youth Leadership Coordinator  (510) 208 1870  x 317

As a Bolivian American  multi media artist, educator and organizer, Ines has worked with youth and families from diverse and underserved communities for over  ten years in projects ranging from youth rights clinics and sexual violence prevention programming to film making and entrepreneurship.  She is an Ethnic Studies graduate with an emphasis in art and social justice.  As Youth  Leadership Coordinator she combines political education, community empowerment, multimedia art and technology with life and leadership skills in the programs she facilitates. In her five years in the Indian Education Center afterschool program she has facilitated many youth development projects including a culturally-based life skills programs, the youth entrepreneurship training program, job readiness training program, youth internship placements, and acted as case manager.   As a case manager she has worked hard on gaining the trust of youth and worked on strategies that empower youth.  She has used social media mechanisms to developed effective communication strategies with youth and created interesting internships that captured student buy-in and engagement.

Social Services

Beverly Shalom,  MSW, Family Therapist  (510) 208-1870 x 303

Beverly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Coordinator of the American Indian Child Resource Center’s Indian Child Advocacy Network (ICAN). She has worked for over thirteen years with children who have experienced trauma, foster children and Indian families. She also provides parenting education and bonding support to parents and children.

Darlyn Tsosie MSW,   Foster Care Supervisor    (510) 208-1870 x 313

Darlyn (Navajo), has worked at AICRC  for over 10 years and receiving  her Master’s Degree in Social Work from San Francisco State University.

Currently,  she is the Foster Care Supervisor and Administrator and Bay Area Collaboration of American Indian Resources (BACAIR) Team Decision Making (TDM) Coordinator for Alameda County.

Her  responsibilities include recruitment, certification of foster homes and keeping foster homes in regulation to Community Care Licensing.  She is   responsible for placement of Native children in foster care looking for caring Native foster homes and working with Child Protective Service and Native American Tribes regarding ICWA compliance.

As a Team Decision Making  Coordinator she also provided Native identified families in the child welfare system culturally appropriate resources through collaborations with other Native programs and agencies.

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