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Support Oakland’s Native Youth!

 Today, Native American students in Oakland are facing some of the steepest challenges to success of any ethnic group in the area. Our Native students, graduating at a rate of just 63.6%, have one of the highest dropout rates of any ethnic group in Oakland Unified. Given the many challenges facing urban native youth in reaching adulthood with a diploma, it is incredibly important to recognize those that have reached the important goal of graduating high school or  completing its equivalent.

Each year the Oakland Indian Education Center hosts a graduate recognition night, bringing together the Native community to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of youth in our programs who continue to succeed despite the many challenges and obstacles they face each day.
 IEC will host  our Annual Recognition night  Tuesday, June  17th  to honor each of our graduates inviting students, families and community members to come together in celebration. At this event  we  draw on cultural traditions and present each graduate with a hand selected Pendleton blanket to recognize thier  achievements and remind them as time goes on of the obstacles they’ve overcome.In anticipation of the large class of graduates this year, we are seeking donations to fund this important event.    Any contribution will go directly towards resources that will make this night a success; covering the cost of  the Pendleton Blankets, food, and the scholarships that will make this night so incredibly special.

 You can donate online here using your credit or debit card.

You can also support  recognition night by donating food for our dinner,  goods or services  for our fundraising raffle or volunteering at the event itself. Please contact Ines if you have any questions.  (510) 208-1870 x 317

Thanks for your support! Stay tuned for more details!


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