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Seeking Foster Families

Native Children need  Culturally Supportive Foster Homes!

 AICRC is  so serious about getting more foster homes for our community we are offering $200 incentive for any referral that results in a successfully certified foster home.  Anyone can apply regardless of race, gender, marital status, etc.  The social workers at the American Indian Child Resource Center can answer all your questions. AICRC will walk you through the application and certification process, helping you meet the home safety requirements, offering guidance, continual parenting support, and financial assistance.     Call or email us today for more information        (510) 208-1870 x 315


How do I apply?

Call us today! We will tell you about the process and send you an application. Simply fill out the foster family home application and the foster family survey, submit it to our office, and wait to be contacted by one of our social workers who will begin the screening process for certification.

What is involved in being certified?

Fingerprints for a background check will need to be taken of all people living in your house over the age of 18. Additionally, all those over 18 years of age will be required to have a tuberculosis screening. The certifying social worker must determine that your home is a safe and healthy environment. This includes having a written disaster plan, working smoke alarms, an agreement prohibiting the use of corporal punishment, and other similar requirements, all of which we will help you complete.

What can I expect from AICRC?

The American Indian Child Resource Center is dedicated to ensuring that every Indian child placed through our agency is provided a strong and caring foster home. Our foster care program offers training opportunities and continuous foster parent support. You will be given monthly financial assistance to help cover each child’s living expenses. Our social workers and family counselor provide coordinated services.  We are available to give you all the support you will need.

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