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Beats Rhymes and Life

The Oakland  Indian Education Center is  incredibly excited to be partnering with Beats Rhymes and Life to offer  Native  youth the opportunity for personal development though music making and hip hop therapy.

Beats Rhymes and Life (BRL) is an innovative and award winning program that grew in response to a critical need for more youth-centered, strength-based, culturally responsive therapeutic programs for youth of color.    BRL aims to make wellness more accessible to young people by u sing the tools of Hip Hop to facilitate healing and development.

Each session is organized around a Therapeutic Activity Group (TAG).   Youth that participate in TAGs have been show to improve their self-esteem, increase school performance, increase positive coping strategies and improve relationships in their lives.


We will be offering this program for six weeks beginning  October 15th and ending November 21st on Tuesdays and Thursdays from  5-7pm.    Participating youth will be provided transportation if needed and have an opportunity to complete their homework before the program.  Space is limited! Call today to reserve a spot.    


For more information about BRL visit their  website.

Or call AICRC  (510) 208-1870 x 317

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