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Traditional Foods Demonstration


The Oakland Indian Education Center is honored to host a traditional foods demonstration at our April parent meeting.  Leading the demonstration will be one of Oakland’s unsung hero awardees, Shirley Guevara, of the Mono tribe, Veteran of the Alcatraz occupation and long time teacher at Hintil Ku Caa Child Development Center.

Acorns are a mainstay of traditional California Indian diets and still enjoyed today.  Gathered in the autumn, acorns are dried out and ground into flour before being leached to draw out the bitter flavors.   Incredibly nutritious, acorns were made into soups, mush, porridge  and breads.    In some tribes it is estimated that over 1000 pounds of acorns were consumed by each person in a year.  With an abundance of acorns in the Bay now is a great opportunity to come and learn how to prepare them.

This meeting and demonstration is open to all parents interested in enrolling their youth in the IEC afterschool program.  Information will be provided for incoming 5th graders going into middle school.   Dinner and Child Care will be provided.

Wednesday April 10, 2013

522 Grand Avenue

Oakland, CA 94610


Let us know you’re coming! Call  Manny Lieras or Corrina Gould at 510-208-1870



                                                        Stone mortar used to grind acorns 

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